Walking The Recovery Road: The Steps Taken

By Melody Rose Paul
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Walking the Recovery Road: The Steps Taken is about a Micmac woman overcoming the obstacles of substance use disorder.

In this book the author writes about how a twelve-step program helped her change her life path,

then how it helped her understand her disease better. By adopting a twelve-step program, she learns how to overcome certain situations that once baffled her,

learning to open up in community situations and living one day at a time. This book is a guide to help the “newcomer” understand how and why the program works.

About the Author

Melody Rose Paul is a Micmac from a community in Nova Scotia called

Eskasoni. She is fluent in her native language and enjoys learning about her
native culture.

She has been open about her struggles with substance use disorder in her
first Book '' Savaged to Wellness'' a memoir she wrote during her incarceration
in 2018. Melody battled with mental health issues and substance use for many
years, until she discovered the help of a twelve-step program and a community
of people that were just like her. Since she started her recovery journey, it has
helped her see a new way of living life. She no longer needs substances to
numb out. Today, she makes it her mission to help others to overcome the
difficulties associated with substance use disorder.

Melody enjoys day trips to the coast and exploring new places with family or
friends. She lives and works in Bangor Maine. She has a son named Anthony.
She has recently adopted a small dog a Morkie named '' Buster'' who makes
her laugh often.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 176