Walking On Eggshells (Managing Minorities In The Workplace)

By James William Potts
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Walking on Eggshells

At a time when arguing about the benefits of seeking out talent without regard to color and other ethnic issues has long gone out fashion, it is easy to believe that all is well in the corporate world.

For most well-advised companies, that is just about the case. This, however, can hardly be said of others who find out too late that hiring personnel of diverse cultural backgrounds can be as pretty as stepping on a sea of minefields. Enter Walking on Eggshells by James William Potts, which seeks to assist managers and supervisors on how to manage minorities. This book helps them realize dealing with the task is not as difficult as they may think. For these managers and supervisors, giving careful consideration of the guidelines in the book will help them reduce potential lawsuits.

About the Author

James William Potts has a juris doctorate from the University of West Los Angeles Law School. This definitive body of work is thus a culmination of James educational background and his thirty-three years of extensive track record representing employers against unwarranted discrimination claims, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment. James is a native of New York. He plays chess and enjoys hunting, fishing, and jogging.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 92