Walking In My Shoes

By Jacqueline Renk
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This riveting new book weaves the mystery of twin telepathy, brother bonding, and a cancer diagnosis that draws the family in many uncertain directions. This memoir reaches a breathtaking climax which falls into many pieces of her life, told by her in an emotional tearjerker, “from the heart.” Walking in My Shoes gives the reader the first-hand accounts told as if you were on the journey with her. In delving into a well-documented but still unexplained phenomenon of her journey.

About the Author

In 2011, Jacqueline Renk along with her husband, David, started a non-profit 501C3 organization, MatthewRenkFoundation.org. The primary mission for the foundation is to give emotional and financial support to children and families associated with pediatric brain cancer. Through the work of the organization, the foundation has supported over 400 families since 2011. With a life tragically ending at the age of fifteen years old, Matthew’s legacy lives through the lives of those children who have been diagnosed with this insidious disease. In memory of Matthew, the foundation built a 14,000 square foot respite garden at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. This green space has become a place where children and families can escape from the stress of the hospital setting. Throughout the book, you will hear in detail of how Jacqueline’s vision to “give back” to families walking in her same shoes….

Published: 2021
Page Count: 108