Walker's Rooming House Of Salvaged Souls

By Monique Wright
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Tragedy strikes, as it too often does, for couple Grenadie and Le Marcus. Out of the abundance of her heart, Grenadie endeavours to lift herself up and bring Le Marcus along with her. In this heartwarming young adult fiction novel, the main characters decide to make lemonade from the lemons hailing down on them.

Author Monique Wright describes this story as a perfect example of how one can “pick up another person's soul, dust it off, and help them succeed in a second chance at life.” Writing from personal experience, her pen hits these pages with no timidity nor harshness. Common themes include spiritual experiences of good and evil, hearts of stone and hearts of flesh, and above all: love pouring from the wretched cold. Follow Grenadie and Le Marcus’ road to healing with the goodness of the Lord in Walker’s Rooming House of Salvaged Souls.

About the Author

Monique Wright was born the seventh of twelve children in Savannah, Georgia. Her mother passed soon after her birth, and her mom’s sister acted as her main caregiver, giving her five additional siblings. Her hobbies currently include reading, cooking Italian cuisine, and endeavoring to garden. She has four children.

Monique was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2013, which obliged her to stop working in 2017. This involuntary change deeply impacted her. She battled clinical depression for many years until she “finally accepted the closed door and crawled through the window: I began writing.”

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 184