Wake Up Black People: Are Our Communities In Peril?(Dreams Do Come True!)

By DeVere O. Kelley
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Why are so many of us Black Americans afraid to accept the blame for our own peril? Yes, we have been victims of systemic racism, poverty, wealth inequality, and police violence, but we have also caught ourselves in patterns which contribute to our demise. This book examines the history of not only the societal issues and stereotypes that have plagued our community for decades, but also the self-imposed burdens that continue to hold us back.

Black homicide, drug usage, welfare, decrease in life expectancy, black incarceration and health problems are just a few issues covered in this thorough debut work by DeVere O. Kelley. Drawing from his own experiences and from the patterns of history, Kelley offers remedies for the obstacles still facing the Black community.

About the Author

DeVere developed his lifelong passion for reading in elementary school and became an aide at the local public library during high school. DeVere later went to the University of Michigan and earned a master’s degree in library and information science, a Bachelor of Science degree in education and another master's in educational technology. DeVere worked in Michigan for over thirty years as a media specialist for four public school systems until retirement in 2016.During his career in education, DeVere flipped homes and focused on interior designing. Biking, hiking, writing, and traveling have also interested him for years. In retirement, DeVere has been able to pursue his talent for writing, and this book is the result.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 290