Waiters, Waitresses: The Very Best

By Norman W. Houston
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Wait staff and restauranteurs know that delivering the best service results in a generous gratuity, but also affects the bigger picture. Good service leads to repeat customers, higher profits, and ultimately higher salaries for such waiters and waitresses. Writing from the diners own perspective, Norman W. Houston offers down-to-earth advice to wait staff, and the restaurant owners and managers who develop them, in Waiters, Waitresses: The Very Best. He reviews the tenets of good service throughout the entire dining experience, from the moment diners arrive and are seated through menu consultation and dining to table clearing and delivery of the bill. By spelling out diner preferences at each of these stages, Houston emphasizes that good tasting food alone doesnt bring diners back to restaurantsmindful, empathetic service also leads to such improved business.

About the Author

Norman Houston is a New Jersey native and father of three, now residing in Florida. Having served for five years in the U.S. Army Air Corps Finance Department, during World War II, he then worked as a personnel manager and overseas management consultant for Chevron-Texaco for thirty-five more years before retiring. His interests include computers, investments, and writing; his first book, How to Select the Best Job for Your Career, was published in 1967.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 32