Wait...What? You Failed? That’S Freakin’ Awesome!!!

By Roman Gabriel Rendon
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About the Book

Facing failure is an inevitable part of life and it has been said many times before that life isn’t about if you fall, it’s about getting back up. In this book, Roman Gabriel Rendon poses the idea that it isn’t just about getting up, it’s about WHO is watching you do it! Adversity could be not only the most important turn of events in your life, but also the game changer for someone else. The hope of this book is to inspire people who may think they’re irrelevant or inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Just because you’re not a celebrity, doesn’t mean you don’t have influence.

About the Author

Roman Gabriel Rendon grew up in Los Angeles, CA in a well-to-do home, but as he got older, he realized the world was not so accommodating to his every whim. At one point, he even ended up homeless, wondering, “I’m a smart guy… how did I end up here?” Sometimes in life you have no choice but to look in the mirror and realize that it’s up to you to figure your life out. He has been a Process Engineer for twenty-three years and has learned to be a leader instead of just a boss. His hobbies include cooking and watching baseball, football, and golf. Roman’s wife Deanna taught him the importance of humility, service, and dedication. He has a son Dustin, who he considers his best friend, who has given him two grandsons Orion and Syre with his wife Alexis. Roman’s stepdaughter Ashley is also a great part of his life and gives him many reasons to laugh.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 86