Voyages: A Fantasy Voyage

By James A. Robinson
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About the Book

Shrouded in fog and with a full press of sail filled by a hard Arctic wind, the two-masted Dutch Fluyt sailed past the Flade Isblink ice cap on the northeast coast of Greenland. She picked up an escort of small icebergs as she caught the southbound Greenland current.

No hand steaded her helm as her course was set for the Fram Strait between Greenland on the west and the island of Svaldbard on the east.

This tale is a variation on the Flying Dutchman story and a sense of wonder.

About the Author

James A. Robinson is ninety years old and wrote this on a whim when the mood hit him. He is a great reader of fantasy, as you only need your imagination to write it. James currently lives in Grants Pass, Oregon.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 30