Vietnam Beyond

By Gerald E. Augustine
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“Vietnam Beyond” is not only a photographic accounting of a soldier’s time while serving in a front-line unit in the infantry; it is a study of human nature. When rank has its’ privileges, not only in the military, but in civilian life as well, you will learn how a person with “power’ will use this power to his advantage over someone at his most vulnerable time in their life. You will read how officers and sergeants use their rank to their benefit. You will also learn how attorneys and even a senator used the legal system to their advantage when having control over someone when he is most vulnerable.

“Vietnam Beyond” is also a study of the criminal act of the spraying of herbicides by our government not only on the jungles of Vietnam, but on the civilians and our servicemen as well. The result tells of the after effects on the author and his family to this day.

And most of all, “Vietnam Beyond” tells how a combat soldier endured traumatizing events that he brought home with him. Those events drive him to be the best that he can be at whatever he encounters and to continuously defeat those demons.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 226