Vibrant Keyboard Sonorities The Solo Keyboard Sonata A History In Seven Volumes: Volume 1 The Keyboard Sonata In Perspective

By Robert M. White, M.D.
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The purpose of Vibrant Keyboard Sonorities is to provide a comprehensive, critical evaluation, and appreciation of the 450-year history of the keyboard sonata. This history should be of interest to all those who are musicians, music historians and lovers of Classical music. This subject will be of great interest and relevance to all music lovers. Also, these volumes will serve as reference works and would be excellent introductory textbooks for college-level music students. This source of comprehensive information about the keyboard sonata is fully available through this book alone. This is the first text of its nature with information that is not fully available in one source elsewhere.

About the Author

Robert M. White, M.D. is a retired pathologist who pursues several hobbies and interests outside of medicine. His hobbies include playing the piano, long distance running, and avid reading. He is actively involved in his church and in several community service-oriented organizations. His real passion is Classical music, and for more than fifty years, he has been a serious student of Classical music in all of its forms. Dr. White is the author of two recently published reference books: Sounding Together: A History of the Symphony (2019) and Performing Together: A History of the Keyboard Concerto (2021). His playing of the piano since childhood has afforded his extensive knowledge of piano literature.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 376