Very Nearly Me: Adventures Of An Anglophile

By Evelyn M. Copeland
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Connecticut schoolteacher Evelyn Copeland wanted to experience the literature she had been teaching her students, to gain firsthand knowledge of the people, traditions and culture she had grown to love and profess. So with the help of a Ford Fellowship, she took a sabbatical and went to Great Britain, living there from 1954 to 1955. On this visit she accomplished her goalto visit and photograph places associated with the literature she taught and loved. During numerous visits since then, she has experienced even more. She found the British people always wonderfully friendly and hospitable. They entertained her in their homes and helped with her project. The result: friendships made half a century ago have become even more enriched.

About the Author

A lifelong resident of Connecticut, Evelyn Copeland is a retired educator who earned her B.A. at Bates College and an M.A. at Columbia University. She served as president of both the National Association for Humanities Education and the New England Association of Teachers of English and held several positions during a long membership in the National Association of Teachers of English. She enjoys photography, travel, and reading. (2005, ills., paperback, 136 pages)

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