Veggies And Fruits From "A" To "Z"

By Mrs. Charlotte Lynn Claus
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A is for avocado and B is for Banana.

The delightfully illustrated pages of Veggies and Fruits from A to Z promote nutritional knowledge in children. Read about fruits and vegetables from the common to the exotic. These 26 alphabetically ordered examples of vegetables and fruits are sure to entertain children and encourage them to try new foodsmost importantly veggies and fruits! Veggies and Fruits from A to Z is truly a mouth-watering read!

About the Author

Charlotte Lynn Claus has a masters degree in special education from Grand Canyon University. She was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. The childrens author and supporter of childrens nutritional education still resides there with her husband of 27 years, Rick. They have two daughters, Janet and Bridgett, and a son Rick Jr.

In additions to writing and spending time with her family, Charlotte Lynn Claus also enjoys reading and playing bingo. She enjoys spending time with friends and with students, helping them succeed in school, then later in their careers. She hopes that Veggies and Fruits from A to Z helps to promote nutritional knowledge in children.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 30