Values The Shape Us

By Manjulika Koshal
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Values That Shape Us

Values That Shape Us: Inspirational Stories and Quotes is a collection of personal stories and anecdotes that have shaped the lives of the author, her family, colleagues, and friends.

About the Author

Manjulika Koshal is a Emerita Professor at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. She taught both Graduate and undergraduate students at the School of Business for thirty years.

A native of India, Koshal made Athens her home 54 years ago after she married her husband Dr. Rajindar Koshal, Emeritus Professor of Economics at OU. They have two children and six grandchildren.

In her retirement, Koshal enjoys traveling, gardening, reading, socializing, cooking, and spending time with her happy family.

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The book was so interesting l could not put it down! I will keep it on my shelf for continued reading for many years and enjoy it tremendously! I will be happy to share your book with all my friends and family. Please let me know when and where it will be available to purchase locally or online!

Today l have completed reading your book! It is definitely one to be revisited often!
I thoroughly enjoyed every story, every page, and each and every word shared by you!
I gave one as a gift to my grandson

I am enjoying the book because I realize how much hard work you put into compiling the stories.  I am so happy you are enjoying the book. Is it peaceful for sleeping? Yes. Very peaceful. So, we can say it is serving like “a sleeping.

I have received the book! Thank you for sending. There were many familiar authors. Very cool. Started reading already.

Yes! Sorry for delayed response. I’ve read some of it. I enjoy it!

Your dear book has arrived! Thank you so much for sharing a copy with me. It is clear even in my early looks at your book, that it contains wonderful thoughts for young and old. I look forward to reading it more fully and to sharing it, too. I’ll have more to say about it when I have read more of the stories. Thanks again.

I did get the book a couple of days ago. I should have written earlier.
Thank you for your very warm words in the autograph. This makes an already beautiful book even more precious to me.

Thank you so much for including my stories. I can now pass these on to the next generations. What a wonderful gift. I also really enjoyed reading your words on the book cover as well as your introduction. They took me from the everyday world to the level of spirit, the part of life that inspires us and brings out the best in us.

We would be reading the stories and enjoying them.

You have deepened by example the meaning of friendship and hospitality. 

Yes we did receive the very pleasant and unexpected surprise. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement. We have had only a chance to read a few of the delightful stories

It is refreshing to hear everyone’s particular journey through life and the important values that have shaped them.

Happily, I am back home, rested and enjoying reading your book, When consulting, I speak about the importance of values and your work adds a new dimension, looking at experiences that helped shape our values early in life. I've also been interested in what it is that causes one person to succeed in challenging circumstances and another to to give up. Thank you for shedding light on these two important topics. Looking forward to continuing my exploration as I read further and our continuing friendship. 

It is an amazing book, many thanks for sending us a copy which Rama hand carried. So nice to see so many names who contributed. Ramesh has a great writing skill. He should also write a book. It was so refreshing to read what Viha has shared. I had tears in my eyes. We are lucky to be living with so many noble people around us. Priti Rao has shown her teaching skills in an interesting incident in her life, she is a great story teller. Above all what you have done Manju ji is a wonderful effort - building your own theory around these inputs and conveying a message which will stay with us life long!
Best wishes for great success for this book

Yesterday we received book authored by Manju ji - Values That Shape Us.
Wonderful collection of gems. Every page is worth reading again and again. Convey our sincere thanks and gratitude.

Congratulations  on the beautiful achievement of releasing the book . It is such a nice feeling to see you as Author . Cover page is beautiful & vibrant . The content is full of real experiences & learning’s in life though couldn’t read it All . The book reached us on perfect time as the very next day it was sent to Viha as one of friends were travelling to NZ Thank you so much for putting All the values together 

> Heartiest congratulations on your new book. Surely, this will be a great success.
> Surely, if correctly circulated, it’s bound to be a great success.
> Awaiting release.
> best wishes.
> Awaiting release.
> When and how can I get a copy.
> Looking forward.
> How can we propagate details.

Congratulations dear Auntie. We are so proud of you. You are a true inspiration.

Congratulations Manju a great achievement!
Congratulations Aunty. What a proud moment for all of us.

Values that Shape us- inspirational Stories and quotes” is a must have in the house for everyone to enjoy. Stories paired with memorable quotes crafted by the glorious author herself work together to create a book that is a monumental debut! I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read! This book with a cup of tea is perfect afternoon summer activity and I cannot recommend it enough 

I just finished reading abt Goodall. I read before I go to sleep. I think you did a marvelous job in writing the book.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 194