Value Village

By Yann Zhao
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Value Village tells the story of ZhiJie, who became obsessed with antiques after an accidental tomb robbery event in his childhood, maintaining the hobby as he grew up. His wife JingYa was influenced by ZhiJie and also liked antique collection. Later, JingYa bought a painting by a famous Chinese artist of sixteenth century in a thrift store in the US. The painting was identified as authentic by famous domestic experts and auction companies and was sold for more than one million US dollars. This novel truly describes the social changes in recent decades inside and outside of China and the trivial lives of normal people in both America and China, revealing the deep roots of the contradictions in today’s society.

About the Author

Yann Zhao is a Master of Computer Science. He has been working in IT and the financial industry for a long time. He has successively worked in Mars Corporation of the United States, Alstom Inc. of France, and IT and financial companies of Canada. Zhao has loved reading and writing from childhood. His wife is a Christian and his mother is a Buddhist. Influenced by both, he is loyal and keen on public welfare activities.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 158