Vacation Under The Sicilian Sun

By Remo Faieta, Ph.D
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This book describes the adventure numerous travel groups had on their vacation to Sicily. With description of the Island’s scenic landscapes, intriguing history, fascinating archaeological sites, monuments, museums, majestic Mt. Etna, spectacular Taormina, delicious food and wine, friendly people, and moving family reunions, one will for sure put Sicily on his/her bucket list of future travel destinations.

About the Author

Remo Faieta, Ph.D., grew up in Abruzzo, a hilly Italian region by the Adriatic Sea. He graduated from the prestigious Gregorian University in Rome with a Master’s degree in Philosophy and then with a Ph.D. degree in foreign languages from the University of Western Ontario. After taking his students on educational trips to Europe, he discovered how much he loved organizing and conducting tours, especially to Italy and Sicily. Soon it became his full time activity and passion. For the past many years people of all ages joined and loved his tours.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 98