Updating The Constitution: Applying 250 Years Of Experience With One Of The World’S Most Important Documents

By Carl D. Veley
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The Constitution, written in 1787, was brilliant and a major step toward The Rule of Law, and Government by ordinary people, but technical and social developments have caused the USA Government to evolve into a system the Constitution was intended to prevent. This book reviews objectives of The Founding Fathers, explains what went wrong, discusses inevitable consequences of ignoring needed changes, and outlines how 21st century technology can correct problems that obstruct the Constitution’s function.

About the Author

Carl D. Veley had a 30+ year technical career, including 14 years of chemical research producing several patents, and 16+ years of oilfield technical management. He is driven by curiosity about how things work, and has studied a spectrum of cultures and governments in his travels in over 85 countries, with extended residence in several and personal observations of revolutions in Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Angola, and Libya.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 78