By Karl Gilman
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We should all be forthright

We must strive for what’s right

Be a stirring voice for the stigmatized

Injustice warriors this is our fight

Virtuous we should have an appetite

Shared ideals we should all invite

So fascinating how we are intertwined

Who are we?

We are out of many one

Unyielding, Karl Gilman’s collection of poems, is an unflinching look at race in America. His words encourage a respectful and robust conversation about equality in society. We have to be honest about the damage prejudice does to individuals and the country. In stories both personal and universal, Gilman shares the challenges minorities face. By exploring our history, remembering the warriors of the past, we can recognize how far we have come. But looking around at the horrors and hate that still exist, we can acknowledge how far we must still go. Courage, hope, and respect are necessary for change. The journey is hard, but together we can move forward in our goal of a more perfect Union.

About the Author

Karl Gilman was born in the Parish of Clarendon in beautiful Jamaica. He has a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Old Dominion University and has dedicated himself to helping others. His path has been filled with many inspiring and fascinating people. Knowing firsthand how words can bring peace and empower individuals, Gilman incorporates poetry into his counseling sessions. He has worked with children, adults, and has served as a counselor in a correctional facility.

When not writing, Gilman enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 48