Untold Jesus: The Two Thousand Year Old Secret

By  Dr. Pealer
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In this provocative story of Jesus life, Dr. Pealer presents another portrayal of the man we have come to know as Christ. Although willing to place his own life on the line to reveal the true wickedness of the priests in his time, according to Dr. Pealers research, he may not have been the gentle, loving, patient, and long-suffering only Son of God we have all come to know. Over the centuries there have been numerous works published which have put forth the supposition that what we have been taught of the Christian religion is based on exaggeration, fable, and even outright lies perpetuated by well-meaning religions and their followers. Believing a grain of truth must exist somewhere in biblical stories, Dr. Pealer has stripped away the mystical holiness and presents a powerful tale of a dynamic, courageous, and frequently misunderstood man who merely wished to live his life as he saw fit, encouraging us to finally see the unvarnished truth about Jesus.

About the Author

Known for this teaching outside of what is accepted as orthodox, Dr. Pealer founded the Church of Spiritual Awareness in 1990. He presently resides in Sunnyside, New York, with his wife, Sunny. Dr. Grant H. Pealer, D.D.

(2002. Paperback, 88 pages)

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