Untitled: Skip, The Last Freedom Fighter

By James (Jim) Robinson
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Skip, The LAST Freedom Fighter

After the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, the civil rights movement was in need of others to champion the cause. It was during this time that Skip Robinson, a black man in his early thirties, came bursting onto the scene. Skip Robinson was able to talk in a way that everyone could relate to, and he was able to lead people into action, including demonstrations, boycotts, and marches throughout the Deep South.

In this biography written by his brother, James (Jim) Robinson, readers get a front-row seat to the struggle for justice and equality during what some people call the third revolution in America. Skip Robinson’s life should serve as motivation to continue the fight to end the final vestiges of racial discrimination in America.

About the Author

James (Jim) Robinson grew up with twelve siblings on a farm in Mississippi. He was a math and music teacher for fifteen years before moving on to become a car salesman in order to support his growing family of a wife, four sons, and one daughter. He has a longtime interest in the trees and plants of the Southeast United States and often planted trees in his spare time.

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