Untamed Spirit

By Tracy Renee Stefan
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Untamed Spirit opens the door to the secret world of the Redwood Coast. It is a story about the unexpected friendship between a wild dog and her pups and two humans who moved out to the forest from the city. This touching story includes 315 color photographs of the enchanting redwood world, along with pictures of the coastal beaches and stunning wildlife. It is a story about life and death. It is a story about the alchemy of love that survives death.

About the Author

Tracy Stefan was born in Seattle, Washington in 1965. She was raised by a fiercely independent and intelligent single mother, Fran Stefan, who bore in her a love of writing. Tracy wrote and delivered the commencement speech for her graduation from Capitol Hill High School in Olympia, WA, and went on to graduate from Evergreen State College in 1987.

After college, Ms. Stefan completed the first-year program at Dell Arte’ International in Blue Lake, CA, then collaborated with the late multi-media artist, Will Stephens, to create their business, Dustbusters, which she operated for four years. She is a published photographer and poet, and she donated a large portrait of an Aztec Indian fire dancer to the Suquamish Museum in Washington. Her great-great-great-grandmother on her mother’s side was a Suquamish Indian, renamed Sally by the missionaries, and her Indian name is lost to the family.

Presently, Ms. Stefan lives with her lifelong friend, Jon Rasmussen, and their two dogs, Bear and Bandita, in Arcata, CA. They are part of a rockin’ blues band called “Stayin’ Blue” and can be found on Facebook and Spotify. She enjoys jogging on the beach and adventuring in the redwood forest as much as possible. Life is short, so play hard!

Published: 2020
Page Count: 234