Unsinkable Like Cheerios: Sayings, Quotes, And Insightful Observations

By William White
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Unsinkable Like Cheerios

William White's Unsinkable Like Cheerios is an uplifting compilation of motivational sayings--some the author's, and some borrowed--and insightful observations garnered over a lengthy career in the management of sales personnel. He shared many of these tidbits with his teams as encouragement, and recognition of events that were transpiring at the time, both business and personal.

These quips are not only relevant to those in sales, but to anyone wanting to do their best in good times and through adversity. To quote the author, "In view of the troubled times, in which we live, these quotations will serve as a true compass for not only salespeople, but for all who aspire to a better life." After reading this collection, you will be 'unsinkablelike Cheerios.'

About the Author

William White is a native of Akron, OH, and while he has lived in other areas, he always seems to return to Ohio.

As a young man, he became an agent for Commonwealth Life and Accident Insurance in 1969 and quickly moved up the ladder, becoming one of the youngest District Managers they ever had. Even though the company was sold to Monumental Life Insurance of Baltimore, MD, in 1992, he managed to stay on, completing forty-two years of service with the same company. During this time, he successfully trained hundreds of agents.

Published: 2014
Page Count: 34