Unrequited: Destiny Has A Way Of Wishing You Were Never Born

By Lacey Marie Lau
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About the Book

Unrequited: Destiny has a way of wishing you were never born

The moment that Cecila Ella Evans crosses the threshold of Central High to start ninth grade, she has a gut feeling that her life will be changing forever. There she meets Dameon Borderhis skin as pale as a ghost and his eyes as blue as the sky. She cant help but feel very drawn to him. There seems to be some magnetic force connecting them. Soon they will realize their bond and become inseparable. Dameon tells Ella all of his secrets, including the fact that he is a vampire. Little does Ella know, her life and future are about to be affected by a deep, dark secret that will push her to make sacrifices she has no idea she has the courage to make.

About the Author

Lacey Marie Lau graduated from La Roche College in 2014 with a major in professional writing and journalism, and she also minored in literature and marketing. She wrote a fashion blog for her college for the four years she attended, as well as articles for their newspaper, The Courier.

Her special interests include reading, photography, and music. Lacey always dreamed of becoming a writer, so she started when she was in eighth grade. She started off on a website called Quizilla, which took up most of her free time, but once that website changed, she moved to Mibba, which is where this book was originally formed in 2008 prior to revision. These websites are what inspired her to want to write, along with the people on them.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 72