Unknown Justice

By Kelly Fox
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For some couples, love is a magical emotion that can only lead to beautiful dreams and sweet memories once they have tied the knot. However, for some, marriage is a dazzling illusion that reveals itself to be a nightmare that will affect them for a lifetime.

In Unknown Justice, Sharon K. Daniels imparts the lowest points in her life.

Her marriage to her previously longtime boyfriend, Dallas L. Phillips, has brought nothing but pain and misery to her life. Through the years, she struggles to instill happiness in their monotonous interaction, but even with the birth of their two childrena son and then a daughter who they found are in need of special attention DL was not moved.

Their separation somehow gives her a form of relief, but once she found out about her former husbands dirty deeds toward their children, everything went downhill. Worse, there seems to be no way up.

About the Author

Kelly Fox, a native of Virginia, finished her bachelor of arts degree at Averett College and her masters degree in education at Virginia State University. She is a recently retired teacher from Greenville Co. Public Schools and has been an active member of womens and charity organizations for years.

In this book, Kelly outpoured her emotions after surviving harrowing episodes in her lifeher fathers demise, her childrens traumatic experience, and her near encounter with death.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 102