United States Space Force

By Paul D. Escudero
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United States Space Force: Project Jupiter is a stand-alone novel. On June 25, 2018, right after President Donald J. Trump announced he would pursue establishing the United States Space Force, author Paul D. Escudero saw how enormous that decision was and immediately started writing this book.

The United States Space Force concept goes beyond NASA, manned space flight, and American and International Space programs. There is a great possibility that aliens exist on multiple planets scattered throughout the universe. America is great at mitigating every threat known to mankind, except the alien threat.

United States Space Force is a fictional tale that describes how this all manifested into a galactic-bound space force.

About the Author

Paul D. Escudero started his journey in electronics in 1972. His initial training included vacuum tubes and transistor circuits because they existed in large numbers at the time. A lot of thoughts that go into this story are derived from the fact that Escudero worked on equipment used in the Venus Space probe, Space Shuttle, nuclear-powered submarines, ships, aircraft carriers, and certain other aircraft. He continues dabbling in electronics.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 480