Under The Hand Of God

By R. J. DeFrank
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In Under the Hand of God R. J. DeFrank recounts his life growing up and the things he did and didn’t do because of the grace and thought of God. Everything in this book is based on true events according to the memory of DeFrank, and he feels fortunate to be alive. His love and trust in God have seen him through all the ups and downs of his life. No matter what, trust in God.

About the Author

R. J. DeFrank is a hard worker. He likes working on cars and trucks, playing pool, metal detecting, and occasionally likes to go to the bar to see certain bands play. He has always been interested in antiques and treasure stories. DeFrank is happily married with one daughter, one stepdaughter, and a stepson. He also has six grandchildren. Other family members include his ninety-four-year-old father, two brothers, and one sister, along with plenty of nieces and nephews. DeFrank has never been part of a club, preferring to be independent, but still has many friends. Having worked in construction from a young age, he is now semi-retired, living in Delaware.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 80