Uncontrolled Environment

By Elaine Taylor
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In Uncontrolled Environment, Elaine Taylor takes readers to post-World War II Oklahoma, where kids chased popsicle sticks through flooded streets and enjoyed penny candies in the rural sunshine. But, as Taylor shows us, even these golden memories are tainted by violence. Her book walks readers through uncomfortable assault and shows the ruined lives and tortured souls that result from sexual violence and racial discrimination.

Uncontrolled Environment is a difficult but important exploration of women who survive these assaults. Their stories become the lighthouse for others looking for answers, peace, or validation. Taylor writes, “Black and White, wealthy and poor, workplace ‘sexual’ harassment is degrading and offensive. It hurts and destroys lives, young and old. It is illegal.”

About the Author

Elaine Taylor lives in Washington State with her significant other, she is currently in recovery receiving therapeutic counseling for her traumatic experiences, it is her belief when one receives behavioral healthcare, it’s the road to recovery, recovery is an on-going process while the goal is to strengthen the individual fragile, and shattered mental health. Her hope is to gain back self-respect, self-direction, and make it a responsibility to share her story with others that are in the process of recovering from traumatic experiences. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with family, attending theater, reading books, and listening to music, Diana Ross oldies but goodies.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 30