Uncle Papi's Yard Sale

By Cristian Guadalupe
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About the Book

Come to peruse the trinkets, stay for the breathtaking stories. Uncle Papi’s Yard Sale is a book about an interdimensional salesman who tells stories from other worlds he’s been to. Much to the delight of a group of children hungry for some thrills. Over the course of a few days and nights, Uncle Papi tells them scary tales and sells haunted goods to his neighbors, showcasing the theme that sometimes darkness can consume the light, leaving those left behind in complete darkness. 

About the Author

Cristian Guadalupe has lived most of his life in Bronx, New York but currently lives in Manchester, Connecticut. He has been a writer since 2017, but back then it was more of a hobby than a career. He has battled depression since he was eighteen and found that everything, he went through to get better helped him create characters for his books and gave him ideas for short stories. Guadalupe’s only passion is writing and listening to books on tape. He finds creating the world he’s listening to in his head to be both fun and relaxing. When he is writing, he tends to visualize everything from what the characters look like to what they’re wearing, which helps him build the world they live in.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 144