Uncle Julius And The Science Gang

By Robert W. Sessoms, M.D.
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About the Book

Joshua, Sean and Yolanda (AKA the Science Gang) have many questions about everything from healthy eating to how fish breathe and planes fly. Who better to ask than their storytelling Uncle Julius who always seems to have an answer for everything? Uncle Julius offers solid advice using his personal experiences to make just about any subject relatable. IMAGINATION IS EVERYTHING is a reminder that sometimes children just need someone to talk to and a great way to start conversations about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) topics. 

Learn more about the Science Gang at: www.UncleJuliusandtheScienceGang.com

About the Illustrator

MASTER CHARLIE Hello I recently came back on Fiverr. I've been busy with a few projects. I am a professional graphic designer illustrator and storyboard artist with over 6 years of industry experience I always create the best possible design for my clients and effort extensively to meet the level of expectations.

Published: 2021
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