Unbelievable Fantasy Of Thelena

By Velma Hervey
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Thelena suspects that a group of evil schemers is plotting to steal something of value from her and make a fool out of her, but she cant prove it. She also suspects that most people know about the scheme against her, but they pretend they dont. Figuring out who is behind the scheme and why the group is plotting against her is Thelenas foremost quest. Somehow she must find the connection between the marriages that are being arranged among her acquaintances and the unusual, tragic events that are occuring in her life. h Why did Mr. Quanta ask Thelena to marry him and then abruptly marry another? h Why did Ken and Othea marry in an attempt to make Thelena jealous when Thelena barely knew Ken? h Why did the schemers cause Thelenas college grades to decline, and why did they keep her unemployed until it suited their purpose to find her a job? h Why were so many of her friends and family members dying, and why did the schemers infiltrate the Bible Church and bring bad luck to her and its members. h Who are Thelena's friends, and who are her foes? Thelena must answer these burning questions if she is to find any peace in her life. Will she find that demonic activity is working behind the scenes or mere stupidity on the part of all the players? Find out! Join Thelena as she travels through her unbelievable fantasy!

About the Author

Velma Hervey enjoys tennis, sports, reading, music, and community activities. She is a member of the Women's Coalition and Project Build, and she is involved in the activities of her local community center and the YMCA's reading club.

Published: 2001
Page Count: 148