Ufos Are With Us--Take My Word

By Leo Dworshak
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About the Book

In 1932, two German-American farm boys in North Dakota made an otherworldly discovery that would change their lives forever. It was a dusky summer evening when the twelve and eight-year-old brothers stumbled upon a machine in the mountains unlike anything theyd seen before. Bigger than the Dworshak barn and round like a silver dollar, the contraption rotated and flashed multicolored lights. Something like an invisible fence prevented the curious youngsters from approaching the ship, so they sat and watched instead sat and watched as an unusual door opened and out walked three men. The Dworshak brothers observed this unearthly ship and its passengers repeatedly and on into adulthood, even going so far as to talk with the men and enter the saucer, gaining extraterrestrial knowledge along the way. Almost seventy years after the first sighting, Dworshak shares his awing account of close encounters with beings from another galaxy.

About the Author

Leo Dworshak is a retired salesperson who enjoys hunting, fishing, and traveling. A native of North Dakota, Dworshak is married and has four children.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 72

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Raphael Basisa
Extraterrestrial Aliens Beings

Great little book. Two brothers who came to find and develop a relationship with a crew of a UFO craft. This happens back in pre-WW2 Era when the flood of sightings came to the attention of most people unlike today. I recommend this reading to everyone in the effect that UFO phenomenon isn't new. Another important aspect of the book is that the UFO occupants of the craft were human-like ET beings - Often, we're told only of the "Greys" ET in the literature, it's an interesting and amazing to understand that our planet is being visited by several types of beings from our outer space: I heard of about 5, or about 15, and at most about 82 different types.
Today, Disclosure is the thrust: I would vote that these two brothers are our the earliest pioneers in the field and the entire planet of human should rud for them...