Twisted Darkness Tales Of Terror: Lulu Of The Red Market

By Tracy LaRae
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About the Book

Twisted Darkness Tales of Terror: Lulu of the Red Market

Rainey, a high school health teacher, cant wait to receive the full skeleton she ordered for her class. But when Lulu arrives from Indias Red Market, strange things occur. Mysterious movements, a trashed classroom, and words left on a chalkboard are just a few of the happenings that get so eerie even the janitors wont clean Raineys classroom alone. Although admittedly freaked out, Rainey sets out to find why Lulu is haunting the school. Can Rainey find the cause of the haunting before something more serious happens? Dare to find out in Twisted Darkness Tales of Terror: Lulu of the Red Market.

About the Author

Tracy LaRae began seeing ghosts after a childhood accident. As she grew older, she realized she had a gift for the supernatural. She immersed herself in horror movies and books and even works in a haunted house. She hopes this story will leave the reader too scared to walk down a hallway in the dark alone.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 78