Tweedle's Tales

By Dr. Trucker
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Tweedles Tales

What makes childhood memorable is the plethora of stories told to teach specific lessons.

The author, greatly endeared by children, shared the story of Tweedie, a little bee, and his friends. Together with Sally Skunk and Saddie Squirrel, the trio shared together experiences that made them learn how to embrace their being and appreciate little things that can give contentment and happiness.

There was a story about being a true friend, sharing what you have with others, finding the value of what you have, accepting ones true identity, and many more. These short stories tell simple lessons that we sometimes forget to apply in our lives, and the child-like manner they are told will definitely make each reader look back and smile at his or her younger self.

Tweedle's Tales, by Dr. Trucker, refreshes to us childhood lessons that are eternally applicable regardless of age, status, and individual beliefs.

Published: 2013
Page Count: 40