Turtle Stew: Sharing Thoughts About How We Got On The Pity Potty,” Why We Stay On It, And How To Pry Ourselves Free!

By Zayritah Dos Santos
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by Zayritah Dos Santos In Turtle Stew, Zayritah Dos Santos shares with us thoughts about understanding and accepting the pain of our journey through life, learning to heal and grow from it, developing a feeling of self-approval, and absolving ourselves of fear, guilt, and shame. In this thought-provoking work, the authors views and theories pertaining to the existence and role of God offer poignant advice as to how to best take control of our lives during the most challenging times we confront. Ms. Dos Santos explains how we can reclaim the power over our lives that weve given up, embrace the theory of karma and, more than anything, find a god a unique, individual, personal god in what appears to be a godless world. Making a clear distinction between religion and God, she explains how most faiths are based on very similar tenets where only the name of the deity and meted punishment for transgressions differ. Relying heavily on personal experience and keen observation of the human condition, Ms. Dos Santos vividly demonstrates how effectively forming a turtle-like shell without fully withdrawing from lifes opportunities and obstacles can be a vital tool. Ms. Dos Santos ability to communicate her sage wisdom and perspectives in Turtle Stew further enhances the appeal of this faith-based book.

About the Author

A native of New York, Zayritah Dos Santos has eight children: Gennaro, Thoms, Sarita, Elijah, Mireya, Joaquin, Danilo, and Lola. When asked what prompted her to write this book, Ms. Dos Santos said, I believe strongly in the possibility that we can heal our own pain and lead fulfilling lives through personal growth, acceptance, forgiveness, and the refusal to pass our pain on to our children.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 74