Truths, Myths, And Lies About Me! And My Revelations!

By Ajatshatru
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Jesus: A Fictional Story

About the Book

Jesus reveals the truth behind his life, times, values, message, vision and his revelations in an all pervasive and all-encompassing perspective which has never been conceived or published before. Jesus hopes to revolutionize rational and analytical minds to live his one true message of universal love. He stresses that he is only human, not divine. Jesus learnt from enlightened Indian Yogis all about unconditional love, compassion and kindness to entire humanity. In his revelations, Jesus while unfolding the eternal poignant human drama scans through countless universal happenings and bares the world psyche.

About the Author

Ajatshatru’s real name is Ramesh Chandra Lal and is a highly educated scientist and Aerospace Engineer. He has been writing and publishing short stories in English and Hindi since childhood. He is a published fiction writer and poet. He is also an aspiring screenwriter. Ajatshatru writes from soul and is known as a born rebel and iconoclast. His poetry anthology “Broken Moon” and “Children’s Stories for All” are ready for publication.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 86