True Love And Passion

By Angelique Ferguson
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Following his first heartbreak, white nightclub owner and longtime gigolo Kristopher Ryan decides to deal with his disappointment alone at Daytona Beach. There, he meets Victoria Ann Saunders, a black fashion industry owner who similarly escaped to forget her cheating boyfriend. Sparks fly when the two meet, but when it’s time to leave, the hurting lovers don’t know that they’re returning to the same city – Chicago. Victoria loses the number Kristopher gave her, but a chance meeting in his nightclub brings the two together again. Will they be able to accept their feelings and pick up where they left off under the Floridian sun? Will the magnetic pull of lust grow into true love and understanding? Read and discover that love can always be found in one’s heart and soul, no matter who you are and under any circumstances.

About the Author

Angelique Ferguson is a single mother of two who has worked in the childcare industry for two decades. True Love and Passion is her debut novel. She has been writing ever since she was a child and likes to spend a good night on the couch, scribbling down ideas for her next book. Besides being an avid reader and writer, she enjoys practicing photography, collecting movies, and dancing.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 170