Trouble In A Green Pickup

By Charlie McCarty
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What could be worse than facing a gang of criminals blocking the only way down the road?

In Trouble in a Green Pickup by Charlie McCarty, the author exposes the practices people working for the Forest Service resort to as a way to fulfill their supposed mandate of protecting the nations resources and wildlife. He paints the way officials of the agency behave like dictators, shoving rules and programs down peoples throats without effective consultation, while wasting taxpayers money on ill-advised fire prevention operations.

Picture this: Has anyone thought that wild forest fires would be a cause for parties as well as betting card games while the fire is raging and threatening to consume lives and properties along its path?

In a book that is destined to ignite fires beyond the bushes of Tularosa Creek, Charlie explains why the sight of a green pickup assigned to Forest Service officials deserves more fear than the sight of a gang of criminals blocking ones way down the road.

About the Author

Charlie McCarty was born in western New Mexico on February 4, 1940. He lives in Reserve, New Mexico, where he earns a living as a rancher, carpenter, and a hardware store owner. He has been married for forty-nine years and has three children and nine grandchildren.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 248