Trip Wire: Omega Twin Book 1

By C. A. Williams
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Peyton Riley is a normal teenage girl in the protected research city of Wester, living life with friends, family, school, and...homework. But when she finds out that she will no longer be able to communicate across the war-ravaged country and speak with her twin brother, Hunter, she makes the daring decision to leave the protection of Wester to travel to Coda and find him.

Then, it all goes wrong.

Her parents get kidnapped. One of her best friends turns out to not even be human, and worst of all, Hunter may be a complete lie.

Or is she the lie?

About the Author

C. A. Williams is a born-and-raised native of South Carolina. He is an orchestra teacher and spends his spare time writing both music and stories, like this one. His current works are geared toward middle and high school students, but he also enjoys exploring the crazy-fun world of the elementary mind. He is a fledgling author and hopes that you enjoy this story.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 222