Tried & True: A Melody Grey Novel

By Karissa Van
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Melody Grey is known widely for her performances and wanderlust, but she is also known in small circles as a quiet champion of the people. While Melody is a hard person to pin down, she’s even harder to know. Crossing paths with general evils of the world, she tries to lead by example by doing good. Approached by two brothers about forming a troupe, she is oblivious to how this arrangement can affect everything in her life, and the world.
When an altercation breaks out at the tavern, a mysterious man comes to her aid, forging an unsettling bond. Revelations involving her past propel her towards her destiny. Will she lose herself along the way because of her impulses, or will she lose something far more important? When she finally start seeing a bigger picture of how those choices come together, she will race to change the outcome.

About the Author

Karissa Van is a single mother of two amazing kids, two spoiled puppers, and dog-lusional kitter. Her hearth currently lies in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. She believes in trying to make the world a better place, while facing our own demons. Other than writing, working a standard nine-to-five, and spending time with her munchkins, she is cultivating a non-profit project: a shared vision of creating a community for homeless vets and single parents that need assistance with establishing shelter, health and hygiene, and a livable wage. In her rare moments of free time, she enjoys playing DnD and movie marathons.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 164