Tribulation Of The Damned

By Amon Hayes
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Tribulation of the Damned is a story that follows Evan Van Zandt, a high school junior in the fictitious town of Raven, Oklahoma, who is picked by a demon to play in a game of life and death. He is picked to play the role of “Wrath” and is tasked with finding other players who take up the roles of the other Cardinal Sins. He is to eliminate them to save himself. Meanwhile, the other players are told that they must find Wrath and kill him to win.

In this game there can only be one winner. The one that prevails is given a choice of a grand supernatural prize or the grace of forgetting all they have done to win the cruel game.

About the Author

Amon Hayes is an Oklahoma-based writer of adult supernatural fiction.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 472