Trials And Tribulations Of A Fifteen-Year-Old Runaway

By Milburn K. Fountain Sr., aka Mr. Mibs/Foxy
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Trials and Tribulations of a Fifteen-Year-Old Runaway is a compelling and descriptive autobiography of Milburn Fountains adventures as a young man. For several summers as a teenager in the early 1930s, the author traveled the eastern United States, working, hitch-hiking, and hunting snakes from New York to Florida. His experiences offer the reader a glimpse of the culture and customs of the time, the transient camps in which he spent some weeks, and the kindness as well as the troubles he encountered along the way. At eighteen, after enlisting in the United States Army, Mr. Fountain embarked on yet another adventure, and his detailed rendering of these times presents an engaging portrait.

About the Author

Mr. Mibs/Foxy is a native of New York and currently resides in California. He has been a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters since 1957 and counts among his diverse interests prospecting, music, and playwriting.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 72