Treat Her Like A Lady

By Joe
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About the Book

Who couldnt use some insight into the little things that will make a loved one feel extra special? It can be so easy to fall into routine and take each other for granted. But whether youre in a new romance or a long-time relationship, in Treat Her Like a Lady, Joe focuses on helping men make their women feel especially loved and adored. Joe leaves no stone unturned in this down-to-earth, concise how-to guide to thoughtful behavior. From planning activities together to special surprises and gifts, from special meals to hosting a party for her family and friends, no detail is too small to take notice of. In addition to easy-to-prepare but tasty recipes for both food and drinks, Joe takes the time to remind his fellow gentlemen of the little things that mean a lot, like pulling out a chair, serving her before yourself, and remembering to tell her how happy she makes you. If you feel like youre just not doing all you could do to make your loved one feel like the wonderful woman she is, then Treat Her Like a Lady has the answers for you.

About the Author

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Joe has made Las Vegas his home for more than thirty years. Self-employed, Joe also enjoys writing books and playing golf. Treat Her Like a Lady is his first published book.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 32