Traveling Tree

By Nicole Fair
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Two young lovers, Cairpen and Rulf, discover a magical traveling tree and find themselves immersed in a search for purpose in other worlds and other realms. Along the way, they seek to understand the unexplained disappearance of Cairpens parents. In poetic, vividly descriptive language that draws the reader into the humid, subtropical world of Andros, the author portrays their struggle to understand a new reality that is continually challenged. Guided only by mysterious, unearthly beings, the characters must learn to cope with loss and draw upon their mutual strengths to forge a new place for themselves in an increasingly expanding world.

About the Author

Nicole Fair is a freelance writer and public relations consultant who is a native of the Bahamas, where she currently resides. She lives with her husband, Hamid, and has two sons, Callum and Elias. A graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, her hobbies include writing, yoga, dramatic arts, and dance. Her experiences growing up in the Bahamas and her education abroad, coupled with a desire to see more diversity in Bahamian literature, prompted her to write this novel.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 132