Trauma Down Under

By Andrew Ditchett
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About the Book

Andrew Ditchett and his family are looking forward to a long holiday in Australia after a stressful year. Warm weather, sunny skies, and perfect beachesit was their sweet escape from the dreary weather in England. What could possibly go wrong? One night, Andrew is involved in a horrific speedboat accident and barely survives. His life quickly unravels before him, a single thread of hope his only chance of survival. Paralyzed and unable to speak, he is defenseless and left only to his thoughts and observations. The path he now faces is long, twisted, and often dangerous. Will Andrew overcome the months of hatred, discrimination, and pain he faces, or will it consume him? Will he be able to turn his upside-down world around?

About the Author

Andrew Ditchett was born and raised in Oldham, England. He has one child with his partner, Penny Palmer, and two stepchildren. Mr. Ditchett says his inspiration to write this true story came from encouragement after sharing his tale with others.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 262