Tough Enough

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Maria Rose

Born in a Vietnamese prison, the son of a prostitute and an American soldier, Asa Greyeyes suffers through the most difficult of beginnings. From the start, he must fight to better his life, to survive.
Tough Enough follows Asa’s single-minded efforts to protect his “mother” Emma and earn their freedom and a peaceful, comfortable life. On their journey from Vietnam to America to New Mexico to that life, they tangle with fight promoters, crime lords, soldiers, gun runners, and drug smugglers, but even a few of those have compassion and offer help. Asa is repeatedly faced with choices between right and wrong, but having studied the Bible with Emma while in prison, he has a firm understanding of what is it to be a good man, to be fair. Asa Greyeyes is clever, loyal, caring, and determined, but is he tough enough to earn the life he wants for him and Emma after so many years of not really knowing where he belongs?

About the Author

Maria Rose works from home, but enjoys hiking with her dog, Shrade. She’s a bit of a “rock hound” (only other Rock hounds will know what this is). She enjoys collecting pictures of the “Tag Art” on the American trains, and hearing stories from the elderly. No joke… she is always looking for wisdom and answers from the Holy Spirit (I feel like God will show you the way, always). Mother, brother, and son are all in good health. (Thank you, God.) Family is anyone in her heart, whether it be best friends or coworkers. If she loves you, you are her family. Rose is half-First Native American of the Navajo Tribe and one half Mexican American (and a bit of Hispanic). She grew up with both of her families.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 302