Total Acceptance

By J. William Erickson
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A boy is disgusted with himself and the choices he’s made in life: he’s sold drugs, committed adultery, told lie after lie, and is guilty of the murder of an unborn child. But a visit with his aunt and her assurance that Jesus loves him plants a seed that will lead to a spiritual conversion that will change the trajectory of the rest of the boy’s life.

Total Acceptance is an intriguing autobiography in which the author tells his story, from a troubled childhood to a stint in Vietnam to the point of Total Acceptance, accepting everything that God has done and will do in his life.

About the Author

J. William Erickson was a prisoner for forty years to sin and bad choices. But a path of love, purpose, service, and sacrifice arose after confessing his sins, repenting, and beginning a new life with Jesus. He has been a part of the same church for twenty-five years and hopes that Total Acceptance makes an impact on people’s lives.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 90