Torn Umbrella

By Joaquin Reyes
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With a free-flowing style and evocative language, Joaquin Reyes paints a portrait of angst, joy, love, and societal commentary under a Torn Umbrella. Cleverly using symbolism to represent the deepest human emotions, Reyes invites us to join in both the wonder of life as well as the depths of despair, for only by experiencing the opposing poles are we truly alive. Going a step further, Reyes does not just remark on life and the world, but lyrically comments on societal changes and events as seen through his eyes, felt in his heart, and treasured or lamented in his soul. Dramatic, heartfelt, and colorful, Torn Umbrella is a dramatic journey into the human psyche. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born in Farmington, New Mexico, in 1988, and raised in Santa Fe, Joaquin Reyes is presently attending High School in Uvalde, Texas. He enjoys writing, tennis, and martial arts.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 38