Topics In The Book Of Revelation

By William R. Horsley
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Topics in the Book of Revelation

What is the Book of Revelation? Is it a prophecy foretelling the end of the world? Is it a vision of the apocalypse? If Hollywood and a certain subset of preachers are to be believed, Johns final message to Christians is one only of doom and destruction. But what if the real message was one of hope? What if Revelation was less foresight and more history? How would you look at the final book of the Bible if you could read it and feel overjoyed rather than frightened?

In Topics in the Book of Revelation, William R. Horsley presents definitive arguments for a reinterpretation of Johns writings. Rather than a warning meant to resound throughout history, Horsley shows that John was writing primarily to the early church and its people using language and symbols that would have been familiar to them. Revelation carries a message of hope to all Christians. Horsley sees lessons to Christians to be encouraged, faithful and victorious to the end. The way is right, and worthy is the Lamb!

About the Author:

William R. Horsley is a retired machinist who worked for North American Aviation and General Motors for over four decades. He studied at and received certificates as a teacher and a preacher from the Central Ohio School for Teachers and Preachers. He has preached and taught Bible study classes in Ohio and Kentucky and has worked to compile a series of lessons for independent Bible study that can be distributed via disk to those interested in his teachings no matter where they reside.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 426