Tommy Stahr: A Superkid Powered By Adhd

By Matthew T. Veibell
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About the Book

Superkid Tommy Stahr can do almost anything and uses his superpowers to help other kids. He does struggle with some things, like paying attention in school, but he doesn’t let that stop him from using his powers for good. Tommy even has some epic battles with his arch-enemy Stink Face. One day, Tommy gets life-changing news from his doctor; he’s been diagnosed with ADHD. Stink Face tells Tommy that this means he can no longer be a superkid anymore. But after a friend helps him out, Tommy learns that ADHD gives him more powers than he thought.

About the Author

Matthew T. Veibell is a credentialed pricing actuary working for a nationwide insurance company. He has been married to his wife Natalie for over ten years. Matthew and Natalie have two amazing, energetic young boys that keep them quite busy in their cozy neighborhood town of Wylie, TX. One of those boys has ADHD and inspired this story as Matthew and Natalie look to help him be as successful as anyone else, albeit perhaps with different tools and strategies. In his free time, Matthew enjoys watching movies with his family or beating his older son at Mario Kart (the son with ADHD).

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 42