Together Forever

By Theresa Nagy
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Strong and handsome Joe Brick works hard as a construction worker and helps out around the family farm. Joe seems to have it all, a good job, a loving—albeit untraditional—family, but one thing is missing. That is, until he injures himself on the job and is sent to the ER, where he meets a beautiful nurse, Tessa. Tessa and Joe’s relationship blooms suddenly and passionately. They begin to fall fast, and even Joe’s family has already welcomed her as one of their own. But not everything can be perfect.

When Tessa begins being stalked by a doctor in the ER, Joe and his police academy brother Nick set out to find the horrible truth behind who this doctor really is. Will they be able to save Tessa? And will Nick and Tessa truly get a happy ending?

About the Author

Theresa Nagy lives with her rescue greyhound. She enjoys reading romance books, cross-stitching, and working on thousand-piece puzzles.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 172