To Whom It May Concern: A Struggle To Survive

By Joseph A. Klingman
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Sometimes random acts of kindness from a stranger or even a perceived enemy can not only save a life, they can also teach priceless lessons that will follow us forever. Our central character, Cynthia Thomas, knows this well. She spends her youth being abused by her father, something her mother allows to happen. Always bright in school, she uses a college scholarship to leave home, but as she matures, her adult relationships are still filled with pain and betrayal. Before it is too late, Cynthia meets Ms. Graham, a woman who should probably hate her, but instead of hurting her, Ms. Graham offers her a way out of her abusive existence. But will Cynthia be able to turn Ms. Grahams kindness into a better life, or will she be forever sucked into abusive relationships, like a moth spiraling toward a flame?

About the Author

A native of Baton Rouge, Joseph A. Klingman has a Bachelor of Science in History and Education and is a retired Louisiana civil servant. He enjoys travel and raising miniature schnauzers. He is also the author of The Boy in the Mirror.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 234